A list of queer games

A new life

A classic love story: Meet, marry, grow old. But when your loved one hurts you, what do you do? Is it better to love and be hurt, than never love at all?

All To Get Her

All To Get Her is a puzzle-platformer by vgperson about two girls and their quest for the ultimate reward.

Asha and Brooke are girls with a shared dream: to become the next Mana Goddess, the source of all magic. However, they're also fierce rivals, always doing what they can to show each other up, never conceding to the other. Then one fateful day, an opportunity presents itself, and Asha sneaks out to head for the Divine Dungeon...

Butterfly Soup

Translated by the Queerscriptors

Butterfly Soup je romantický sportovní vizuální román o čtyřech LGBT+ asijsko-amerických teenagerech, kteří nejen hrají baseball, ale taky se do sebe zamilují.

S kalifornskou 2008 Proposition 8 debate v pozadí, příběh všech dívek se mění v perspektivách Diya, Noelle, Akarsha a Min-seo, jak prožívají středoškolským životem v oblasti San Francisco Bay Area.

Butterfly Soup 2

Translated by the Queerscriptors

Pokračování hry Butterfly Soup, romantického sportovního vizuálního románu o asijsko-amerických teenagerech, kteří nejen hrají baseball, ale taky se do sebe zamilují.

Butterfly Soup 2 se odehrává o pár měsíců později než první hra. Příběh se hraje z pohledů Diyi, Noelle, Akarshy a Min-sey, jak zažívají svůj středoškolský život v oblasti San Francisco Bay Area

Coming Out Simulator

You play as a semi-fictional version of me, on a night that changed my life forever. Choose your (my?) words wisely. Every character will remember everything you say -- or don't say -- as you figure out how to approach my (your?) hyper-conservative Asian parents. And if all that seems confusing or awkward... well, that's the gist of coming out as queer, isn't it?


A bickering and bantering rivals-to-lovers hacking game!

Your rival just bested you in a hacking competition. Were you going to be a sane person and let that slide? HECK NO! You hack into his database and leave him a little message, proving your superiority.

--but what's this? He's hacked you back?

Well, two can play this game.

Kiss More Girls Tournament

Welcome to KMG Tournament: Kiss More Girls! Have you ever thought to yourself "I'd love to play sports, but I just feel like there isn't enough kissing involved." If you have let me just say... you're welcome.

KMG Tournament is a collection of small local multiplayer sports games ranging from 2 to 8 players in which you win by kissing your teammates and opponents.


Two lookouts meet in a desert, far from the sight of their gangs.

With more in common than they could've expected, they scout out a town with rumours of gold.

What will become of this fateful meeting?

Lucah Born Of A Dream

Translated by the Queerscriptors

HACK, SLASH, ASCEND. Lucah: Born of a Dream je trýznivý boj s našimi nejhoršími nočními můrami.

Byli jste OZNAČENÍ, prokletí, aby vaši vnitřní démoni ožili jako zlé noční můry. Po probuzení falešného boha musíte odčinit. Projděte pekelnou říši snů, vydržte nápor noční můry, a odhalte sílu jak přijmout sám sebe.

Missed messages.

"goth gf's iPhone" airdrops you a photo.

Accept or decline?

A romance / horror story about life, death, and memes.

How will you spend time?

One night, hot springs

haru is invited by her old friend manami to spend a night at the hot springs. all haru wants to do is enjoy the hot springs like everyone else, but she doesn't want to cause any trouble...

ONE NIGHT, HOT SPRINGS is a visual novel. play as haru, a young transgender woman, and join her at the hot springs in japan.

Paper Doll

Paper Doll is a fictional story about a teenage trans girl learning what it means to be a woman, told partly through a dress-up game

Talking to my dad

A game about being on a drive with your dad and having a conversation

There's This Girl

Experience love between two girls, earnest stargazers and still searching for their path in life.

The future is unclear: Will their dreams be broken? Will they walk different paths? And.. can their love be torn apart?

Us Lovely Corpses

US LOVELY CORPSES is a short surreal-horror-romance visual novel about helping a friend. Go through the house, cut the roses, and save the girl. Just remember: the monster knows you're here. There will be puzzles that you can only solve with hints from the roses, so try to keep an open ear while doing your job.

But keep in mind you may not want to hear everything these flowers have to say.